Summer 2017 Sneak Peek

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A snapshot of just some of the articles and features in our Summer 2017 edition...

The Long Pursuit of a Perfect Home

A family of five, with three young daughters, made the bold decision to leave Sydney’s hectic pace and find a new way to live.

A hard working married couple had grown tired of Sydney’s size and pace, and decided they needed another kind of life.
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Guide To Hills & Hawkesbury Restaurants

Kim Wilkinson provides a comprehensive list of great places to eat out in the Hills and Hawkesbury region.

Your guide to eating well in the Hills and Hawkesbury districts.
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For The Love of a Garden

For nearly four decades Graham and Sandra Ross have been involved in Australia’s horticultural scene as presenters on radio and TV. But there is so much more to their gardening empire.

There’s a good reason Graham Ross is an institution in the horticultural industry — he has put so much of himself into every facet of the industry over nearly half a century, and that isn’t about to stop.
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A Leading Light in the Garden

Dean Herald always wanted to be a landscape designer. He has fulfilled his dream and so much more, with accolades from near and far. He spoke to Steve Crowe about his career, business and family.

Not many people are fortunate enough to find the one thing that can light their fire and keep it burning for life.
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An Outback Man of Many Talents

David Russell is a man of many talents — pastoralist, stock and station agent, real estate agent, auctioneer and pilot. He talks to Mark Amdur about life in the outback of New South Wales.

David Russell, the pastoralist, operating his own cattle and sheep station, is just one side of this man from the outback.
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Set The Controls For a Hawkesbury Cruise

Joni Leimgruber discovers the hidden pleasures of house boating on the Hawkesbury River.

With several companies hiring houseboats for between two and 12 people only 20 minutes north of Hornsby, the Hawkesbury River has become a much loved spot for many people.
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Behind The Gates — A Lasting Change

Sometimes it takes misfortune to bring about a change that turns events for the better. It often comes down to the ability to see the opportunity in the setback.

The Leenmans love the classic British Colonial style because it suits their furniture, artwork and collections.
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Dementia Friendly Communities

Why are they so important? SummitCare provides specialist care for those with special needs.

There are over 400,000 Australians already living with some type of dementia. Creating a dementia friendly community was a priority.
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Recipes From a Very Special Place to Lunch

The Hawkesbury region is host to dining events that are like no other, with celebrated chefs providing a culinary experience to die for. We went along for an unforgettable day.

Smacking lips and smiles all around summed up a special Cooks’ Co-op luncheon on a Sunday afternoon in October, in a large tin shed on the banks of the Hawkesbury.
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Taking Two Wheels on the Road

Motorcycle riding is more popular than ever as people realise the possibilities they offer for adventure, escapes, and even just as a commuter. But it pays to listen to the experts, as Steve Crowe found out.

Motorcycle riding is going through a boom period as more and more people find that it offers not just a practical mode of transport but a genuine change of lifestyle.
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Out of Intense Hardship

When his wife was diagnosed with a rare illness and given a poor prognosis, Hardeep Girn put his career on hold and became a full-time family carer. The experience has irrevocably transformed his approach to work and life.

Through the experience of caring for his wife and young family, Hardeep Girn thought deeply about death and discovered a reason for living beyond just career success.
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Giving Power to the People

Australia is experiencing an energy revolution as power is being put into the hands of the people. The future promises free electricity forever, but how do we get there?

About ten years ago something remarkable began to happen. Spurred by rising power costs, the GFC and a fall in the price of solar technology, Australians started to take the production of electricity into our own hands.
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Summer Puzzle Fun 

Test your knowledge with our Crossword, Sudoku and word games!

Our new feature to pass the time and challenge the brain.
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This is just a small sample of the articles in the Summer 2017 edition. There's so much more! Want to read more? Click here to subscribe!

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